New School Year – New Connections!

Warm greetings to all community members; returning and new! I hope all of you had a wonderful, restful vacation spent laughing and loving. As we begin the 49th year here at Khalsa, we have three fully functional school sites! The first week of school is a time for new students to meet new friends and […]

Parenting Workshops 2019

The Positive Discipline Workshop “First Five Years” is an Experience That Will Transform Your Parenting… and Your Life! If your child: Does not listen, does not obey you or is very strong willed Gets frustrated very quickly, shouts, bites and/or kicks Cries when you discipline him or when you go to work every day Has […]

Graduation Speech 2019

Six years ago, I was sitting in a white, sun-warmed chair (much like the one you’re sitting in right now). It was Khalsa’s last day of school, and the graduation ceremony was taking place in this very field—the same field where I had played countless games of capture-the-flag and Wall Ball. I was sitting in […]

A Special Visit to Kivel Care

Khalsa students and parents enjoyed working with the seniors at the Kivel Care Campus on Sunday, Jan. 26th! The seniors were appreciative of the time spent reading, playing games, and sharing personal conversations. The Khalsa community grew richer by hearing the beautiful stories and accomplishments of each one of the seniors. A heartfelt thanks to […]

2019 Winter Hike

On January 12th over 70 parents, students, former students, and staff congregated to participate in the annual Khalsa hike to Fat Man’s Pass. Unlike other years, the early morning chill due to cold mountain breezes was missing this year! However, the weather was very comfortable by the time families congregated at the Buena Vista lookout; […]

Khalsa Holiday Program 2018

The 2018 Khalsa Montessori Holiday Program was a beautifully orchestrated work of performing arts. Several Upper Elementary students regaled us with their talents during the prelude entertainment. The Primary and Lower Elementary students all performed several songs which warmed our hearts. The Upper Elementary students mesmerized us with a stunning interpretive dance exploring the evolution […]