About Us

Montessori Method:

The Montessori Method is both a philosophy of child growth and rationale for guiding such growth.  Children experience a prepared environment of hands-on learning materials and exercises, which develop their intellectual, physical and psychological abilities.


Mission Statement and Goals of the School:

To create an environment that offers young people opportunities to reach their highest potentials and to develop in each child a deep love of learning and enthusiastic self-motivation.

School History: 

From its early years, the Khalsa Montessori School has maintained a reputation for academic excellence in a challenging and caring environment; a dedicated and experienced teaching staff; providing children a holistic educational environment with many opportunities for creative, social, and physical growth; and serving a community from a variety of religious, cultural, and economic backgrounds.

Why Choose Montessori?

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If you have questions about Khalsa Montessori or the charter, check here for some frequently asked questions and answers!

Average Teacher Salary – HB2663:

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