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Graduation Speeches 2021

When it came to our usual events, 2020-21 was a unique school year that made us think outside of the box. Our graduation tradition was one of the many events we adjusted to make sure our community stayed safe and healthy. Please enjoy the graduation speeches that were presented by the Khalsa Montessori 8th graders. […]

The Elementary Campus gets a Refresh!

In addition to preparing all campuses to meet the new health and safety needs, the Khalsa Elementary campus has been freshened up for the new school year. We’re excited to share the progress and results of our efforts, and hope that our families will enjoy the following gallery! To list a few items, a new […]

Middle School Internship Week!

This February, our Middle School students participated in a week-long in-house Khalsa Internship. For some students, this was their first experience in a real-world work setting, and everyone was eager to get an idea of what working at Khalsa is like. The teachers who mentored the Middle Schoolers very much enjoyed fostering an environment in […]

Creative Learning, Expression, and Arts

What a night we had at the Phoenix College Bulpitt auditorium to celebrate the Holiday Program! The energy of the night along with the uplifting voices definitely gets us all prepared for the holiday season! A heartfelt thanks to each of you who supports this night through the tax credit donation. Also, thanks to each […]

Blessings Abound!

Special celebrations of the cosmic interconnectedness we share is an important experience during Thanksgiving, and is one of many reasons we are so lucky to be at Khalsa. The weather is usually perfect for the Earth Blessing ceremony and family feast, and today was no exception! The sun shone brightly through the clouds, warming us […]

A Fantastic Upper Elementary Game Fair!

The Khalsa traditional Halloween Game Fair was full of hustle and bustle on a beautiful crisp autumn morning! This annual game fair gives the Upper Elementary students a chance to play host to the Lower Elementary students, inventing games and challenges to play. Each year the Upper Elementary students brainstorm and create booths to be […]

Experiencing Nature: The Toddler Petting Zoo

“There must be provision for the child to have contact with nature; to understand and appreciate the order, the harmony and the beauty in nature.” –Maria Montessori Maria Montessori believed that it is important for children to experience and interact with the natural world hands-on. That introducing them to reality-based activities in a prepared environment […]

The Pumpkin Hunt: A Fall Favorite for Primary

This year was another wonderful success in the long-held tradition of the Primary Pumpkin Hunt and Petting Zoo! It was a beautiful fall day as the final year Primary students set to work hiding pumpkins all over the yard for the younger students to find. Then, hand-in-hand with eyes closed, each class walked carefully to […]