Toddler & Primary Enrollment Process

To enroll your child in our school, please follow the steps below:

  1. Scheduled a Site Visit and/or attend an Enrollment Q&A Zoom.
  2. After the Site Visit, you will receive a Follow-up email with a link to our website containing our Waitlist applications. If you have decided our school is the right fit for your child, please fill out the Waitlist Application.
    • After completion of the Waitlist application – you will receive a Waitlist confirmation email from our Admissions Coordinator. In that email will be a link to a Family Information Form.
      • The Family Information Form is required for all families. It tells us more information about your family, your child(ren), and your familiarity with Montessori.
  3. Complete the Family Information Form
    • Once your Family Information Form has been completed and received – you will receive a link to sign up for an Interview & Assessment appointment.
  4. Once the Assessment is complete, you will receive a letter indicating whether or not a position is available for your child.
    • If your child is offered a spot, Enrollment Paperwork will need to be completed by a certain date and payment of the non-refundable Enrollment Fee ($250) will need to be received to confirm their admission.
  5. Once Enrollment is confirmed, we will provide you a start date, and any additional information neccesary.

Toddler & Primary School Tuition Rates