Charter (K-6) Enrollment Process

Charter (K-6 Enrollment Process:

The Waitlist for the 2025-2026 School Year will open on July 17,2024

  1. Complete a Waitlist Application
    • You will receive a confirmation email from the Admissions Coordinator within 2 business days
  2. In February/March we will begin offering positions based on availability in the upcoming school year
    • An Acceptance Letter will be sent out if your child(ren) has been accepted
      • It will need to be signed and returned by the date on the letter
    • Enrollment Paperwork will need to be completed by a certain date (this date will be on the Acceptance Letter)
    • An Assessment will be scheduled once the Enrollment Paperwork has been completed
      • A Classroom placement will be made based on the Assessment

Charter (K-6) Waitlist Applications

Charter (K-6) Tuition & Fees