Charter School

The Kindergarten through 8th grade charter Khalsa Montessori Elementary School (KMES) is a non-profit 501-(c)-(3) corporation that is under contract with the State of Arizona and run by the KMS administration in partnership with teachers and parents. The KMES Board of Directors includes two parents, two teachers, a community representative, and two school administrators. The KMES Site Council consists of the school director, education director, admissions director and classroom teachers.

The Khalsa Montessori School (KMS) is a community of families, teachers and administrators working together to create a positive environment that lays the foundation for those habits of mind that support happiness and success both in school and in life. The partnership of teachers and parents encourageDSC_0386s the exchange of information and ideas for successful child rearing and education, and offers support for the challenges of today’s parents.

Parent/Teacher communication is encouraged through the initial assessment and interview meeting, the beginning of the year parent/teacher goal setting meeting, the opening parent evening, biannual parent/teacher conferences, parent evenings, monthly Khalsa newsletters, and classroom observations.

Use these following links to find out more about our charter school’s elementary and kindergarten programs, frequently-asked questions about the charter school, in-depth information about Khalsa Montessori Elementary School’s enrollment procedures and eligibility policy, or to access information about charter school board meetings, the Arizona tax credit, and the Arizona Department of Education’s Annual Charter Financial Reports.