Mission & Goals

The mission of the Khalsa Montessori School (KMS) is to:

  • Integrate a challenging Montessori education and a caring, responsible community to provide for the academic, social, physical and emotional growth of students in central Phoenix;
  • Offer children a holistic education in which teachers see the children as unique individuals, understand their multiple intelligences, respect their ideas, and encourage their enthusiasm for learning.
  • Create an environment that offers young people opportunities to reach their highest potentials:
    • academically, through appropriately high expectations, and a rich, self paced learning environment that provides the cognitive tools to achieve mastery and build confidence;
    • creatively, through the integration of a variety of avenues for creative expression such as visual arts, creative writing, drama, music and public speaking.
    • physically, through the integration of fine and gross motor movement within the curriculum, and through activities to encourage physical fitness, cooperation, nutritional awareness, mind/body discipline, and yoga;
    • socially, through an environment where children may develop independence, personal meaning, and responsibility for themselves, others, and our world;
  • Build a partnership of students, families, teachers and administrators who create an environment that lays the foundation for those habits of mind that support happiness and success both in school and in life.

The goals of the Khalsa Montessori School are to:

  • Establish in each child a mastery of fundamental skills utilizing concrete Montessori materials that help students gain a complete understanding of basic concepts
  • Increase the ability of each child to think critically with reasoning and creative problem solving tasks given throughout the curriculum
  • Develop the ability of each child to learn quickly and easily and to effectively apply that knowledge in other situations
  • Allow a wide variety of avenues for creative expression for each child within the classroom and special activity classes in all areas of the arts
  • Encourage physical development of each child through a wide variety of activities in class and playground, physical education classes, and team training
  • Encourage every child to develop independence and a sense of personal meaning and responsibility for themselves, others and our world;
  • Develop in each child a deep love of learning and enthusiastic self-motivation
  • Build in each child a foundation of self-confidence, and inspire students to realize their highest potential.