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Classroom Observation: A Visual Framework

During your observation at Khalsa, you will notice many different purposeful activities which are self-directed and self-chosen, and some that are teacher expected when a student is not choosing on his/her own.  There is a relaxed, unhurried atmosphere and a spontaneous interest in work.  You may note varying degrees of concentration as well as social […]

Khalsa Celebrates International Peace Day 2018

INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE AT KHALSA   “Peace is what every human being is craving for. And it can be brought about by humanity through the child” -Maria Montessori  A tireless advocate of peace through education and a two time nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize (1949 and 1950), Maria Montessori’s teachings of peace are […]

Graduation Speech 2018

Isabella Horning Graduate of Khalsa Montessori School and Bioscience High School, Phoenix, Arizona. I don’t remember every moment at Khalsa, but I have a vivid memory of sitting right where you are today, six years ago. I know you’re all sweating (quite literally) to finish those tearful hugs goodbye and move onto to the next […]

Graduation Speech 2017

Isaac March Graduate of Khalsa Montessori School and North High School, Phoenix, Arizona. Attending Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona Students, friends, teachers, administrator, and parents, welcome. You are graduating from the 6th grade. In most schools that’s not a real big deal. As we all know at Khalsa, it is a… well I don’t want […]

Alumni Recognition

Here at Khalsa, we love to see how our students use Montessori skills and habits they’ve learned to strive and succeed, even after leaving the school. Kellen Vu, a Khalsa alumni, was recently recognized as one of the Arizona 18 Under 18 Junior Achievement Award winners. He now attends ASA and is making positive changes […]

Celebrating Earth Day at Khalsa!

Happy Earth Day to the Khalsa family! As you go into this special weekend and participate in Earth Day celebrations, the students have warmed up today by sharing ways in which they can contribute towards a sustainable future; turn off lights or equipment when not in use, turn off the tap when washing dishes or […]