Charter Enrollment

Kindergarten, 1st – 8th Grade Charter School Enrollment Procedures

The goal of the KMS admissions process is for parents to receive a complete understanding of the educational philosophy and operating procedures of the school, and for the classroom teachers to gain an understanding of the unique interests, talents and challenges of the applying student.

Enrollment in the Khalsa Montessori School should be viewed as a long-term commitment. To receive the full benefits of a Montessori education, children should be allowed to complete the multi-age, full three or four – year cycles of the Primary, Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary, and Middle School classrooms.

Positions at the Khalsa Montessori School become available in June for the Summer Session and in mid-August for the School Year. Openings rarely become available at other times during the year. The enrollment and placement process for the coming school year and Summer program begins in March and is generally completed by May. Though openings may become available for the school year during the summer, it is best to place your child on the waiting list before February 1st to assure your consideration before classroom enrollment is filled.


  1. Review the Khalsa Montessori School website

Those who inquire about the school will be encouraged to view all pertinent school information online at


  1. Schedule a school tour and classroom observation

Parents may meet with the school’s admissions director for a tour of the school and an opportunity to learn more about the school and the Montessori Method. As a note, school tours are intended for parents only. Upon completion of a tour, parents are encouraged to make an appointment spending at least a full morning observing one or more of our classrooms.


  1. Submit a Wait List Application

To apply for enrollment at Khalsa Montessori, parents should fill out the K-8 Charter Wait List Application and return it to the school office. Acceptance is on a first-come, first-served basis. Applicants are placed in order according to the date and time the application is received.

If no positions are currently available, receipt of the application places the child on the School Year Wait List for which they apply.  Depending on the time of year, some student applicants can apply for the current School Year as well as the following School Year Wait List.  Parents will be contacted as soon as an opening becomes available. Wait Lists are kept by grade according to the age of the child, using September 1st as the cut-off date (age 5 before September 1st for kindergarten, for example). The Wait List opens the first day of registration in July and does not roll over from year to year.


  1. Bring your student in for a Student Placement Assessment

Once current families have completed their re-enrollment in March, the school can determine the number of openings in each class.  When a position becomes available, students will be scheduled for a student placement assessment. A child may be assessed prior to the occurrence of an available opening, in order to be placed in the proper level on the Wait List. The child will be assessed for program readiness and entry level based on demonstrated skills. Parents and student may then meet with a Montessorian on staff to discuss the Montessori program and the expectations of the program for the child.


  1. Complete the Enrollment Packet

After the placement assessment, based on available openings at the level placed and order on the Wait List, an open position will be communicated to families.

To enroll the student, parents must complete an enrollment packet within the designated time frame, which includes the Enrollment Form, Request for Student Records, Parent Agreement, and other forms. The Parent Agreement indicates the parent’s understanding and acceptance of the school’s educational philosophy and method, including the student behavioral policy.


  1. Register for the new school year

At school year registration during the third week of July, parents will be given the Registration Packet including all registration, health record, Activity Fee, and extra-curricular class forms.  School year registration documents are important for all families to complete in a timely manner in preparation for the new school year.


  1. Attend the First Day of School

Attendance on the first day of the school year is required to hold a child’s position.