Eligibility Information

Khalsa Montessori School is open to all students who are within the Kindergarten through sixth grade ages and who want to benefit from a Montessori educational environment. Admission is not based upon ethnicity, national origin, income level, disabling condition, proficiency in the English language or athletic ability. There is no tuition assessed to attend the Khalsa Montessori Elementary School.

Based on opening, KMS will admit all eligible pupils whose applications are submitted in a timely chronological manner. If, by the application deadline, the number of applicants exceeds the capacity of a program, class, grade level or building, all applicants for that program, class, grade level or building will be selected for the available slots through an equitable selection process such as chronological order or a lottery. After the application deadline, pupils for any remaining slots, or for a wait list, will be accepted in chronological order.

KMS works with students to increase their growth mindset within the self-directed Montessori environment. The profile of students who will excel in this Montessori environment are those who can work independently, who can take responsibility for their work, who demonstrate internal control, and who respect themselves and others.

Children who do not usually benefit from the Montessori educational environment are those who are unable to work independently or who do not demonstrate the other characteristics listed above. Students at KMS are expected to adhere to a code of conduct conducive to a peaceful and respectful learning environment.

KMS expects families to care deeply about their children’s education and to be willing partners with the school. We ask every parent to commit to understanding the school’s procedures, educational method, and philosophy, and to voluntarily participate in areas of their choice: field trips, classroom events, work days, material making, fundraising, parent evenings and Parent-Teacher Organization.

All parents who enroll their children at KMS should consider the advantage of a long-term commitment to Montessori education, as it is a cumulative program that builds on previous years’ experiences and exposure to Montessori materials. A single year of Montessori education is not an effective educational plan. Children should be given the opportunity to complete the educational cycles of the Lower (6-9yr olds) and Upper (9-12 yr olds) Elementary programs.