A Fantastic Upper Elementary Game Fair!

The Khalsa traditional Halloween Game Fair was full of hustle and bustle on a beautiful crisp autumn morning! This annual game fair gives the Upper Elementary students a chance to play host to the Lower Elementary students, inventing games and challenges to play. Each year the Upper Elementary students brainstorm and create booths to be placed all over the yard. Then each Lower Elementary classroom comes out to play the games and everyone learns from one another! Some of this year’s activities included knocking over monster cans, Pin the Head on the Jack-o-Lantern, balancing races, a ghostly touch ‘n feel, and an obstacle course through the climbing structure decorated with elaborate spooky characters! Roaming the yard, we could hear students beckoning friends to, “Step right up! You know you want to!” just like an old fashioned showman. Once each game was completed, Upper EL students gave suggestions on where Lower EL students could go for their next game, promoting their fellow students’ booths. Even the teachers and assistants tried their hand at the activities! After all Lower EL students had their time out playing, the Upper EL students were given the chance to check out and play their classmates’ games. We can’t wait to see what new inventions will be on display at next year’s fair!