Primary Enrollment

Enrollment in the Khalsa Montessori School should be viewed as a long-term commitment. To receive the full benefits of a Montessori education, children should be allowed to complete the full three-year cycles of the primary, lower elementary and upper elementary classrooms.

Khalsa Montessori School accepts new children into the Toddler Program who are eighteen months before September 1st and accepts new children into the Primary Program who are two years and ten months before September 1st. This allows the students to experience the three-year primary cycle from its onset. Students who turn three during September or October may also be considered for Primary placement. A small number of four- year-old children may be accepted dependent on availability. It is not ideal, however, for four-year-old children to enter the Primary Program mid-cycle, unless they have had previous Montessori education.

Positions at the Khalsa Montessori School become available in June for the Summer Session and in mid-August for the School Year. Openings rarely become available at other times during the year. The enrollment and placement process for the coming school year and summer program begins in March and is generally completed by May. Though openings may become available for the school year during the summer, it is best to submit your child’s enrollment application before February 1st to assure your consideration before classroom enrollment is filled.

1. Review the Khalsa Montessori School website

Those who inquire about the school will be encouraged to view all pertinent school information online at

2. Schedule a school admissions meeting/tour and classroom observation

Parents may meet with the school’s admissions director for a tour of the school and an opportunity to learn more about the school and the Montessori Method. As a note, school tours are intended for parents only. Upon completion of a tour, parents are encouraged to make an appointment spending at least a full morning observing one or more of our classrooms.

3. Submit an Enrollment Application

To apply for enrollment at Khalsa Montessori, parents should fill out an application either for the Primary program or the Toddler program and return it to the school office.  This will place your child in a pool of students based on age who are also eligible for that program. You will be contacted for an Student Enrollment Assessment when spaces in your child’s age range become available. If your child is not accepted for the current school year, you must fill out another application for the next year.

4. Bring your student in for a Student Enrollment Assessment with the classroom teacher.

The school office will contact you when spaces in your child’s age range become available to schedule an appointment for a Toddler or Primary student placement assessment.  The child will be assessed for program readiness and entry level. Parents and student may then meet with the classroom teacher to discuss the Montessori program and the appropriateness of the program for the child.

5. Complete and return the enrollment packet.

Once your child has been accepted and offered a position, you will be given all enrollment and health forms. Complete and sign these forms, return them to the school office, and have the forms approved by the school administration.

6. Register for the new school year.

At school year registration during the third week of July, parents will be given the Registration Packet including all registration, health, and any other forms necessary for registration.  School year registration is required of all families to hold a child’s position.

7. Thoroughly read the Khalsa School Primary Handbook.

The Khalsa School Primary Handbook contains complete information on school procedures, philosophy and policies. Reading it carefully and understanding your child’s school will lead to a successful school/family educational partnership surrounding your child. Ask if you have any questions about our policies and procedures!