The Pumpkin Hunt: A Fall Favorite for Primary

This year was another wonderful success in the long-held tradition of the Primary Pumpkin Hunt and Petting Zoo! It was a beautiful fall day as the final year Primary students set to work hiding pumpkins all over the yard for the younger students to find. Then, hand-in-hand with eyes closed, each class walked carefully to the back yard and lined up against the fence to begin the hunt!  All of the children enjoyed racing to find their very own pumpkin to take home. It was so special to see the joy on each child’s face as they rolled and maneuvered their pumpkin prizes in. Some friends even helped one another to carry or wheel barrow the larger pumpkins (with adult supervision, of course). Thank you to Peddler’s Son Produce for providing these beautiful pumpkins! Once the pumpkins were searched out, students moved on to the front yard to meet and cuddle animals from Carter’s Farms petting zoo. The zoo included chickens, pigs, goats, sheep, and even a small alpaca who was more than happy to enjoy all the attention the children had to give.

Fall is certainly a special time of year to be thankful for all that is grown and harvested from the earth. Up next on the fall activities calendar; the Primary Halloween Parade, where the theme is “In the Garden”. What creative and fun costumes will we see this year? We can hardly wait to see!