The much awaited Halloween Game Fair hosted by the Upper Elementary (UE) classrooms brought oodles of excitement to the younger peers; returning and new. Even Khalsa staff has looked forward to this day to see student creativity surrounding the game and name each student chooses for their booth! Before the activities started, observers were treated to the set-up process, with booth props the hosting students had worked hard to make. These activities were conceptualized and created by the UE students over the course of last month. The school yard was abuzz with activity throughout the morning. With names like “The Monster Stash”, “Pumpkin Heist”, “Roll a Frankenstein”, and “Different Touch” who wouldn’t be intrigued to participate in the games? One could dig for ghostly treasure in the gooey slime while blindfolded, participate in an obstacle course on the jungle gym decorated with spider webs or a maze of ropes representing laser beams, toss “ghosts” into the eyes and mouth of a ghost or monster cut out, participate in a Halloween mystery and solve it with clues provided, and solve clues. These were just a few of the activities! Each year, this Khalsa tradition, shows students creative ways to learn from one another. The older students enjoy creating a carnival for the lower elementary students to enjoy. This year, I would like to especially acknowledge Stella D’Alessandro for all the work and creativity she put into executing her “Create Your Own Story” booth. After taking care of the responsibility of hosting a memorable game for their younger lower elementary peers, they are ever eager to participate in each other’s games! Not that the laughter doesn’t already give away the joy felt at this event, the frequent sighs and groans when the carnival is brought to a close give the impression that they can’t wait for October 2019 to put their next wonderful Halloween idea into practice!