KMES 2016 AzMERIT Scores

math lessonThe 2016 AzMERIT scores have been announced and our students were ranked at the very top of the list! According to AZ Central, the online portal of the AZ Republic, our Elementary students ranked #1 in English Language Arts, with 96% passing (across all grade levels).

The Center for Student Achievement published an article written by the President of the Arizona Charter Schools Association, ranking the top 20 schools in the Phoenix urban core. Our students ranked #1 in English Language Arts and #2 in Math, with 82% passing!

Congratulations to the Khalsa Montessori Elementary students for all their hard work! Please refer to the chart below for more detailed information about the KMES 2016 AzMERIT scores and rankings compared to other schools.

Khalsa Montessori Elementary (Grade 3-6)
2016 AZ Merit Scores
Percent Passing Minimally Proficient Partially Proficient Proficient Highly Proficient
English/Language Arts         96%                  0%                0%     39%          57%
Math         82%                  4%                14%     45%          37%


Statewide Ranking

According to, our students rank #1 in the State for English passing scores!

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Top 20 Schools in the Phoenix Urban Core

The AZ Charter Schools President recently published a ranking of all schools in the Phoenix urban core and our students were ranked #1 in English Language Arts and #2 in Math!

Click here to read the complete article.