Khalsa Fundraising Campaigns

Khalsa Montessori Elementary School – Fundraising Campaigns

Thank you for considering a contribution to help support the students and teachers of Khalsa Montessori School. For information about any of the following Khalsa Montessori School fundraising campaigns, please contact our school office at (602) 252-3759.

Khalsa Activity Fund – State Tax Credit Eligible

The AZ Public School Tax Credit allows taxpayers to contribute up to $400 for married couples ($200 for individuals) to support our special programs and extracurricular activities. You will receive a dollar-for-dollar credit on your Arizona State income tax.

The AZ Public School Tax Credit helps you save even more than you give! Your donation amount will reduce your state tax bill dollar-for-dollar, or be refunded back to you if your taxes withheld are more than you owe. Plus, you may also take a deduction on your federal taxes for a charitable donation. When you add the state credit and federal deduction, you actually save more money than you give!

Classroom Materials Fund

Contributions to the classroom materials fund go directly to support your child’s classroom materials. Each contribution is used by the Lead Teacher to purchase new materials for their classroom. Montessori materials provide a magical experience for children, increasing conceptual understanding, and creative problem-solving. Many of the unique materials our teachers would like to add to their classrooms are simply beyond the reach of our annual materials budgets. Your donations will be used to supplement the richness of your children’s Montessori experience.

NEW! – PPE – Personal Protective Equipment Fund

With the new challenges we are experiencing, keeping everyone safe & healthy has never been so expensive! Help Khalsa to acquire much-needed PPE during the pandemic by donating to this fund. These monies will go toward protective items such as disposable masks, face shields, gloves, sanitizing supplies, and thermometers, air-purifying filters, etc.

Annual Teacher Fund

Your contributions to the Annual Teacher Fund allow us to more aggressively recruit, retain, and reward teachers who share our commitment to cultivating a love of learning in every Khalsa student.

Our teachers are central to the success of our students! Khalsa teachers have a combined total of over 275 years of teaching experience and are dedicated to providing an environment that meets students’ needs and prepares them for success in life.

Building Improvements Fund

Khalsa Montessori School is committed to continually improving our facilities to meet the needs of our students. We view our classrooms and outdoor environments as an important element in your child’s educational experience. As a small charter school, we receive NO State or Federal funding specifically for the maintenance and improvement of our facilities. We need your help to improve our facilities!

Recent Projects

  • Toddler & Middle School addition
  • Elementary exterior painting
  • New carpets in Upper Elementary and Administration building
  • Fresh sand & wood chips at Elementary & Primary Campuses