Middle School

12 years old to 15 years old

Khalsa Montessori School’s middle school program (12-15 yr. olds) will maintain the independent learning continuum, an essential component of the Montessori Method, after Upper Elementary. This framework will cultivate purposeful adolescents who engage in creating community for themselves and serving others. The emphasis will be on growing a community-based environment of active, engaged learners. This community channels the tumultuous years of adolescence towards greater self-determination while finding purpose in the larger culture. We will harness adolescent self-regulation through a shared inquiry process, including hands-on learning through real world experiences. Logistical and executive abilities are honed through a complex, organizational system designed to construct external order for their work. This process creates internal order and time management skills necessary for the increased expectations common in the secondary level.

Khalsa’s high academic expectation will continue within a holistic educational structure. This approach will include the social, emotional, physical, spiritual, ethical and intellectual development of the individual student.  The physiological needs of adolescents: rapid growth, increased need for sleep and hormonal changes, are met through practical experiences related to the economics of life.  Group work as well as individual work is part of the structure of the day. Internships, job shadowing, individual research and thematic unit projects are interlaced throughout the academic year. Students will also have experiences in a rural setting for community building activities and land lab projects.

The Khalsa Middle School will have practical skill building as well as academic work. Students will thrive in a culture that includes both self-directed and community learning. Service projects and off-site trips will expand their contact with the larger world around them. A deeper connection within themselves is cultivated through yoga and mindfulness. Students will explore their aspirations for their adult lives.  They will continue learning “how to learn” through the study of the brain, adolescent development and nutrition. With diverse learning opportunities within walking distance, many opportunities will be available for student projects. Through the Middle School program, Khalsa Montessori School is excited to collaborate with the larger community being developed in the Phoenix downtown area.

Khalsa Middle School began operation in August of 2019.

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