A Montessori Silent Journey & Discovery

“A Montessori Silent Journey & Discovery” Registration 

Presented by Khalsa Montessori School Teachers and Administrators

Event Information:

Unfortunately this event has been canceled. Please watch for next year’s date announcement!



Experience the Montessori journey through each level and observe how the Toddler and Primary experience carries forth into a child’s Elementary years, culminating at the Middle School level as self-awareness, independence and self-reliance. Step into your child’s shoes and explore the entire continuum of the Montessori curriculum!

  • This is your chance to enjoy a hands-on experience of the beautiful Montessori materials that develop a deep conceptual understanding in our students.
  • You will walk away with a rich understanding of what your child does at school every day.
  • Learn more about the “spiral curriculum” that Montessorians talk about.

We will start our morning with a light breakfast and a short introduction, followed by a silent walk through each of the different Montessori levels.  A silent journey gives participants an opportunity to observe and absorb all the details in the classroom environment at each level.  The discovery portion of our day will include an opportunity for participants to receive a lesson, given by a Khalsa teacher, on the materials laid out at each Montessori level.

Please plan to participate in the entire journey. It will not be possible to drop in for only a portion of the day. Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move up and down with ease. Don’t forget to record your parent participation hours for this event here.

* A minimum of 8 students must be signed up by 1/10/20. Child care is available at the Primary Campus. Children not in diapers.



“And as a parent who finally did it last year, I WISH I would have done this sooner!!! —when our daughter was still early in journey at Khalsa. It completely brings it all together into one clear picture, making sense of how Montessori philosophy thinks about the whole child and how they best learn. I loved the day and highly recommend it to every parent at Khalsa, especially those in toddler and primary. What an eye-opening education for me. LOVED IT!”

– Mother to 4th year and 1st year toddler

“Getting to see some of the teaching techniques for math was very enlightening.”                

-Parents to 18 month old

“The day really flew by! I really enjoyed interacting with all the teachers.”

-Parents to 3 1/2 year old and 4 month old

“I liked that it was broken down into two parts. Also, interacting with the teachers as a student is really interesting!”

-Father to two year old

“I enjoyed seeing the materials in action and seeing how they build upon each other year after year.”

-Mother to 2 1/2 year old