KMS Staff


    • Director: Keerat Giordano
    • Director Emeritus: Satwant Singh Khalsa
    • Primary/Toddler Director: Karen Paxton
    • Elementary Administrative Assistant: Amanda Lavender
    • Elementary School Secretary: Kira Froehlich
    • Middle School Secretary: Dawn Scheurn
    • Primary Site Coordinator: Heather Kimbell
    • Finance Manager: Susan Duffield
    • Special Education: Yinka Seriki

Primary Teaching Staff

Primary North

  • Lead Teacher: Shannon Pursell
  • Assistant: Dyanna Jiron
  • Assistant: Meredith Cole

Primary South

  • Lead Teacher: Dawn Tapia
  • Assistant: Ninfa Hartley
  • Assistant: Gretchen Sjoberg

Primary Upstairs

  • Lead Teacher: Cynthia Huebscher
  • Assistant: Amy Page
  • Assistant: Demitria Bagg

Toddler South

  • Lead Teacher: Jessica Sweeney
  • Assistant: Michelle Ramirez
  • Assistant: Chloe Clift
  • After School Assistant: Iris Mendoza

Toddler North

  • Lead Teacher: Beridiana “Betty” Leyva
  • Assistant: Carmen Barba
  • Assistant: Mandeep Kaur

Primary Outdoor Environment

  • Jill Woodhull

Primary After School Program

  • After School Director: Rayan Mohammed
  • Assistant: Makayla Haynes
  • Assistant: Agnes Turowski

Elementary Teaching Staff

Lower Elementary East

  • Lead Teacher: Keerat Giordano
  • Assistant: Mike Oakley

Lower Elementary North

  • Lead Teacher: Carie Modeer
  • Assistant: Jazmine Bahena

Lower Elementary South

  • Lead Teacher: Emily Oakley
  • Assistant: Laurie Alejo

Upper Elementary West

  • Lead Teacher: Karen Charleston
  • Assistant: Melanie Junio

Upper Elementary East

  • Lead Teacher: Shara Haberman
  • Assistant: Joye Sass

Middle School

  • Lead Teacher: Lindsay Caglio

Gardening and Physical Education

  • Elementary Gardening and Physical Education Teacher: Mark Dugan

Elementary Outdoor Environment 

  • Mike Oakley

Elementary Extended Care

  • Director: Renee Soldanels
  • EL Extended Care Assistant: Anum Zaidi
  • EL Extended Care Assistant: Christopher Canchola


  • Yoga teacher: Emily Blanche


  • Elementary Spanish teacher: Yolima Otalora
  • Middle School Spanish Teacher: Yuneiky Morales