KMS Staff


    • Director: Keerat Giordano
    • Primary/Toddler Director: Karen Paxton
    • Business Director: Simone Kjolsrud
    • Administrative Assistant: Susan Duffield
    • Elementary School Secretary: Katherine Burton
    • Primary School Secretary: Jen Young
    • Director of Special Education: Joyce Hinrichs


Primary Teaching Staff

Primary North

  • Lead Teacher: Kaley Qualters
  • Assistant: Shannon Pursell
  • Assistant: Ellison Hurley

Primary South

  • Lead Teacher: Christine Schwindt
  • Assistant: Ninfa Hartley
  • Assistant: Gretchen Sjoberg

Primary Upstairs

  • Lead Teacher: Cynthia Huebscher
  • Assistant: Amy Page


  • Lead Teacher: Jessica Sweeney
  • Assistant: Mandeep Kaur
  • Assistant: Lucy Hill
  • Assistant: Delaina LeForce
  • After-School Lead: Sita Cooney
  • After-School Assistant: Veronica Duffield
  • After-School Assistant: Anastasia Bland

Primary Outdoor & Class Assistant

  • Louisa Borreson

Primary After School Program

  • Lead Teacher: Megan Griffith
  • Assistant: Adrianna Canez
  • Assistant: Eleazar Villegas
  • Assistant: Ississ Gutierrez


Elementary Teaching Staff

Lower Elementary East

  • Lead Teacher: Ada Jaime

Lower Elementary North

  • Lead Teacher: Carie Modeer
  • Assistant: Himani Aggarwal

Lower Elementary South

  • Lead Teacher: Karen Charleston
  • Assistant: June White

Upper Elementary

  • Lead Teacher: Lindsay Caglio
  • Assistant: Michelle Edwards
  • Assistant: Caroline Campbell

Gardening and Physical Education

  • Elementary Gardening and Physical Education Teacher: Mark Dugan


  • Yoga teacher: Emily Blanche