KMS Staff

Additional employee education and experience information is available for inspection upon request.



    • Director: Karen Paxton
    • Director Emeritus: Satwant Singh Khalsa
    • Education Director & SPED Coordinator: Keerat Giordano
    • Primary/ Toddler Assistant Director: Cynthia Huebscher
    • Finance Manager: Susan Duffield
    • Accounting Clerk: Jill Woodhull
    • Administrative Assistant: Denise Souder
    • Elementary School Site Coordinator: Kira Froehlich
    • Toddler & Middle School Site Coordinator: Dan Howell
    • Primary School Site Coordinator: Heather Kimbell
    • Special Education Director: Jayne Shaw


Primary Teaching Staff

Primary North

  • Lead Teacher: Shannon Pursell 
  • Assistant: 
  • Assistant: Candy Cotto

Primary South

  • Lead Teacher: Dyanna Jiron
  • Assistant: Demi Bagg
  • Assistant: Ayden Huerta

Primary Upstairs

  • Lead Teacher: Amy Page
  • Assistant: Ninfa Hartley
  • Assistant: Gretchen Sjoberg

Toddler North

  • Lead Teacher: Revay Cargo
  • Assistant: Erindida Moron
  • Assistant: 

Toddler South

  • Lead Teacher: Chloe Clift
  • Assistant: Nimali Polgasdeniya
  • Assistant: Lizbeth Torres

Primary Outdoor Environment/ Accounting Clerk

  • Jill Woodhull

Primary Extended Care Program

  • PEC Director: DoJshana Smith-Washington
  • Assistant: Megan Mathews

Elementary Teaching Staff

Lower Elementary East

  • Lead Teacher: Helen Williams
  • Assistant: Rachel Won

Lower Elementary North

  • Lead Teacher: Carie Modeer
  • Assistant: Lauren Puglisi

Lower Elementary South

  • Lead Teacher: Laurie Alejo
  • Assistant: Meredith Cole

Upper Elementary

  • Lead Teacher: Lani Corbett
  • Co-Lead Teacher: Melanie Junio
  • Assistant:

Middle School

  • Lead Teacher: Dru Sottnick
  • Assistant: Genevieve Godwin

Gardening and Physical Education

  • Gardening and P.E. Teacher: Mark Dugan

Elementary Outdoor Environment 

  • Renee Soldanels

Elementary Extended Care

  • Director: Aundrea Austin
  • EL Extended Care Assistant: Renee Soldanels
  • EL Extended Care Assistant: Anthony Gutierrez


  • Yoga teacher: Ashley Burns


  • Elementary Spanish teacher: Cony Weir
  • Middle School Spanish Teacher: Yolima Otalora