Primary Students – Pumpkin Hunt and Petting Zoo

Our Primary students just experienced the first of several wonderful year end traditions: a special day of searching for pumpkins and cuddling animals. Students had been anticipating this day! Older, returning students are quick to remind everyone what a great time it is. Once the pumpkins were set up for each classroom, each class’s older […]

Elementary Halloween Game Fair

The much awaited Halloween Game Fair hosted by the Upper Elementary (UE) classroom brought oodles of excitement to the younger peers; returning and new. Even before the activities started, students were treated to the set-up decorations, which many students had worked hard to make. These activities were conceptualized and created by the UE students over […]

Primary School Halloween Parade

The annual Halloween parade has been a long standing tradition at the Primary School. The weather was beautiful and the children enjoyed sharing their costumes with friends and neighbors. Many of our neighbors from local businesses came out to watch the parade go by. Some of our neighbors were even in costume! Thank you to all […]

Letter to Parent Community

Dear Parents, As we begin the 46th year at Khalsa, I would like to share some of our school history for new parents and returning families who have wondered about the origins of the school’s values. As you know, Khalsa School is non-denominational.  Nevertheless, in the 1970’s, our school was originally founded by the American […]

Classroom Observations

Did you know that Montessori classrooms are the few classrooms in the valley that are open for adults to observe? Come see for yourself how a culture of respect, accountability, and responsibility is practiced on a daily basis! Students participate in a culture of learning through engagement with materials and purposeful interaction with peers and […]

KMES 2016 AzMERIT Scores

The 2016 AzMERIT scores have been announced and our students were ranked at the very top of the list! According to AZ Central, the online portal of the AZ Republic, our Elementary students ranked #1 in English Language Arts, with 96% passing (across all grade levels). The Center for Student Achievement published an article written […]

Elementary Students at Work!

Back to School at the Elementary Campus The Khalsa Montessori Elementary students are already hard at work. The first week of school was a time for new students to meet new friends and learn more about the day-to-day procedures in their classrooms. Starting the second week of the school year, students are already hard at […]

Student Transitions in the New School Year

TRANSITIONS AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SCHOOL YEAR Since the first day of school teachers and other staff are focusing on creating, for every student, a successful transition into the new school year. Please remember that it is normal to experience some beginning year challenges, even though classrooms have been running smoothly after the first […]