The Khalsa Montessori charter school is open to all students within the kindergarten through sixth-grade levels who will benefit from a Montessori educational environment. Admission is not limited by ethnicity, national origin, gender, religion, income level, disability, proficiency in the English language, or athletic ability. There are no tuition or fees charged for attending KMS.

KMS seeks students who will increase their achievement within the self-directed Montessori environment. The profile of the student who will excel in this Montessori environment is one who can work independently, who can take responsibility for his/her work, who demonstrates internal control and who respects him/herself and others. Children who do not benefit from this type of education are children who are not able to work independently or who do not demonstrate the other characteristics listed above.

KMS is for families who care deeply about their children’s education and are willing to be partners in the school. We ask every parent to make a commitment to understanding the school’s procedures, educational method, and philosophy. We ask all parents to sign, as part of their enrollment application, an agreement to participate in the school in areas of their choice including field trips, classroom events, aiding in the classroom, workdays, making materials, parent evenings, and Parent-Teacher Organization.

All parents who enroll their children at KMS should consider the advantage of a long-term commitment to Montessori education, as it is a cumulative program that builds on previous years’ experiences and exposure to Montessori materials. A single year of Montessori education is not an effective educational plan. Children should be given the opportunity to complete the educational cycles of the lower elementary and upper elementary school programs.

Application Process

The goal of the KMS admissions process is for parents to receive a complete understanding of the educational philosophy and operating procedures of the school, and for the classroom teacher to gain an understanding of the unique interests, talents, and challenges of the applying student.

1. KMS Information Packet

Those who inquire about the school will be given the KMS Information Packet.

2. School Tours

Parents may meet with the school’s admissions director for a tour of the school and an opportunity to learn more about the school and the Montessori Method. As a note, school tours are intended for parents only. Upon completion of a tour, parents are encouraged to make an appointment spending at least a full morning observing one or more of our classrooms.

*Tours are currently virtual and classroom observation are not available due to COVID restrictions.

3. Application and Wait List

To apply for enrollment at Khalsa Montessori, parents should fill out the appropriate KMS Waitlist Application and return it to the school office. Acceptance is first come first served. Applicants are placed in order according to the date and time the application is received, except for previously enrolled students who will be given priority over new students.

If no positions are currently available, receipt of the application places the child on the current year or coming year waitlist. Parents will be contacted as soon as an opening becomes available. Waitlists are kept by grade according to the age of the child, using September 1st as the cut-off date (age 5 before September 1st for kindergarten, for example). The waitlist opens the third Wednesday of July and does not roll over from year to year.

4. Enrollment Packet

Once a position becomes available, parents will be given an Enrollment Form. This form offers the family a position for their student in KMES. In addition to the Enrollment From, families must complete and return the Arizona Proof of Residency Form. These forms must be returned within the time period defined upon the position being offered (typically within 7 days unless the first day of school is in less than 7 days).

Completion of the Student Records Request is requested at this time.

5. Additional Required Documents

Within 30 days of submission of the Enrollment Form one of the following documents must be submitted to provide Proof of Age and Identity to complete enrollment:

  • A certified copy of the student’s birth certificate; or
  • Other reliable proof of the student’s identity, including a baptismal certificate, an application for a social security number, or original school registration records. If documentation other than a certified copy of a birth certificate is provided, such documentation must be accompanied by an affidavit explaining the inability to provide a copy of the birth certificate;
  • If a student is in the custody of the Department of Child Safety (“DCS”), a letter from the authorized representative of the agency certifying that the student has been legally placed in custody of the agency. This information will be carefully safeguarded and confidentiality maintained regarding the status of children in DCS custody.

Additional forms required prior to the first day of school:

  • The PHLOTE (Primary Home Language Other Than English) Form
  • An immunization record for the student. This document is required for attendance.

6. Placement

After the Enrollment Form and AZ Proof of Residency have been received a student placement assessment will be scheduled. The student is assessed for program readiness and entry level. Once the assessment is complete parents will be notified of classroom assignment.

7. School Year Registration

The School Year Registration window is in July. Parents will notified of the Registration window and will complete the process online through the Tyler SIS Parent Portal. Completion of School Year Registration is required of all families to hold a child’s position. All required documents are requested at this time and due prior to the first day of school; PHLOTE Form and an Immunization Record. An Immunization Record is required to attend school.

8. First Day of School Attendance

We encourage all students to attend the first day of school. As with any new experience, students may be nervous. It is re-assuring to students when they know their peers may be experiencing first-day jitters too.


Admissions Policies

Admissions Priority

KMS will admit all eligible pupils who submit a timely application. If by the application deadline, the number of applications exceeds the capacity of a program, class, grade level, or building, all applicants for that program, class, grade level or building will be selected for the available slots through an equitable selection process. After the application deadline, pupils for any remaining slots or for a waitlist will be accepted in chronological order.


In order for a continuing student to be considered for enrollment for the coming school year, his enrollment application must be received in the office by the application deadline. In the event that the number of returning students exceeds the number of available positions in a given program, children will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, according to the date and time of receipt of their enrollment applications. Once a child is enrolled, his position will be held if the enrollment and registration protocols have been fully completed and all required documents submitted. 

School Year Registration

School year registration is in July. All parents must confirm their enrollment and update their files at this time. No positions will be held for students whose parents do not complete school year registration.

Opening Day

Returning to school can be difficult. We encourage all students to be in attendance on the first day to help with the nervousness some may be experiencing.

Suspension and Expulsion

Students at Khalsa Montessori Schools are expected to adhere to a code of conduct conducive to a non-threatening and respectful learning environment. Corrective action will be taken for unacceptable behavior according to the procedures in the “KMS Discipline Policy.”

Classroom Placement

Classroom placement decisions for students entering their first year of a lower or upper elementary classroom are made by the Khalsa Montessori Classroom Lead Teachers with the goal of creating the best balance of students in each classroom. These decisions are made after student placement assessments and teacher observation of the students. All kindergarten and third-grade students, current Khalsa students, and new-to-Khalsa applicants are given the same placement assessment to assess readiness for the next educational level. Classroom placement is NOT a parent selection process.