Primary Financial Policy

Enrollment and Withdrawal

Enrollment in the Khalsa School should be viewed as long term in nature. Children should be given the opportunity to complete the educational cycles of the Primary and Elementary programs. At the time of Khalsa Montessori Primary School enrollment, an enrollment contract must be signed by the parent/guardian stating that the child will be attending the Khalsa School for the full academic year. Once signed, the parent/guardian is then responsible for payment of the total tuition for that period of time. No reduction will be made in tuition for vacation time taken or for time the child is absent due to illness.  To guarantee placement for a continuing student, an enrollment contract for the coming school year must be completed, and enrollment fees and all past due balances paid, by the re-enrollment due date in March.

The enrollment contract can be broken, and the child withdrawn, only if the child’s family is relocating out of the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area, if the child has a prolonged illness, or if the teacher/school administrator agrees that it is in the best interest of the child to be transferred to another school. In the event of such a withdrawal, a 40-calendar day written notice must be given to the school administrator before the child is withdrawn. The parent/guardian is responsible for tuition payments during this 40-day period.  In the absence of such a notice, or for a withdrawal that does not meet the above conditions, the parent/guardian is responsible for the balance of tuition owed for the contract period.  A 40-day calendar day written notice must also be given for any withdrawal of an enrolled child prior to the beginning of the contract period.  IN THE CASE OF ANY WITHDRAWAL OF AN ENROLLED STUDENT, THERE WILL BE NO REFUND OF ANY ENROLLMENT FEES, TUITION DEPOSIT, OR ACTIVITY FEES.


Enrollment Fees And Dates

A $200 tuition deposit ($100 for 2nd concurrent tuition child) is required before any child is first enrolled in KMPS. The Tuition Deposit is carried over each year the child attends KMPS and is allocated, per parent direction through a completed Tuition Deposit Allocation Form, at the completion of the child’s final enrollment period at KMPS.  A yearly $100 enrollment fee is due with the school year enrollment contract. This fee is non-refundable.  A yearly $60 Field Trip and Special Event Fee for non-Kindergarten students is due at school year registration in July.  A yearly $200 Charter Activity Fee for children enrolled in the Khalsa Montessori Elementary School Kindergarten is due in two $100 installments: the first payment due at the time of enrollment (in March), and the second due at time of school year registration (in July).


Payment Options and Tuition Management Fee

School year tuition payments can be made by paying tuition in one payment, three payments, or ten payments.  Payment due dates are as follows:

  • Full-Year Payment is due at school year registration in July.
  • 3-Payment Plan: Payment is due at school year registration in July, by November 15th, and by February 15th.
  • 10-Payment Plan: Payment is due at school year registration in July and on the first day of each month September through May.

If the 3-Payment Plan is selected, a $50 tuition management fee is due at the time of school year registration.  For the 10-Payment Plan, a Smart Tuition Payment Plan form must be completed indicating method of payment, and a $50 Tuition Management Fee must be paid at school year registration.  If payments under the 10-Payment Plan are to be paid using a credit card, the card-holder will be assessed an additional charge by Smart, the tuition management company.

Payments are considered delinquent after ten days.  Any delinquency will result in a $40 per child late fee. Delinquencies over 45 days will result in withdrawal of your child.  No child may enter the summer program or new school year, or have the child’s position for one of these sessions guaranteed, if there is an outstanding balance.  A $20 charge is assessed on all returned tuition checks.  Any additional program charges, such as additional extended care, must be paid to the Khalsa School at the time the charge is incurred.


Summer Enrollment

At the time of summer school enrollment, a KMPS Summer School Enrollment Contract must be signed indicating the dates of the child’s enrollment. Parents may enroll their children in the partial summer program by checking the Partial Summer Program session lines on the contract.

No reductions in summer tuition can be made if enrollment changes are made after the submission of the summer enrollment contract. A $200 summer school deposit is required for all elementary students, including transitioning primary to lower elementary students.  It is not required for continuing KMPS students.  This deposit is deducted from the summer session tuition.